Ainsoft DVD Copy Software: An Overview for MACs

DVD Copy Software from Ainsoft is the ideal program for Mac users to make copies of their favorite DVD movies. The resultant output is as good of quality as the original. The software proves to be a good solution for backing up files in formats like DVD-9 and DVD-5.

Copying Functions

The software is able to copy at a 1:1 ratio keeping the original quality intact. The DVD-9 format can be compressed and copied to DVD-5 as well, with good quality output. You also have the option of either copying the entire disc or selecting only the main movie. You can set an automatic shutdown to take effect when the copying process is finished.

Saving Options

The output can be burnt on to a DVD disc or can be saved on the hard disk of your computer as a DVD folder (and even copied and converted to an ISO file). When a DVD disc becomes available, you can then burn the saved version from your hard disc onto the DVD disc.  

Simple Interface

The DVD Copy Software has a very simple interface making it very easy to use. It mainly requires your selection of the source file and choosing the target where it has to be saved (then and click Copy).