Adding Special Effects with Nero Vision

You are able to add various special effects to different types of media with Nero Vision. Special effects in the case of a video make it look more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Almost 90% of today’s videos have special effects. The beauty of these effects is that they are made to look like they are natural even though they are not. Effects should be added while taking into consideration the scene that you want the effects to be in. The effects should be relevant to the scene.

Step 1: Select the Make Movie Option

This will display the movie screen. The screen has 3 dialogue boxes, which are the Preview, Media and Contents dialogue boxes. If you have media files that are readily available, they will be displayed in the right side of the dialog box, which is the media dialogue box. The media dialogue box has 4 tabs. The first tab is used to display the media files, the second tab to display the video effects, the third tab to display the text effects, and the fourth tab to display the transitions.

Step 2: Add the Media Files

To add the media files, click on the browse button that is available in the media dialogue box. A pop-up window (Open) will appear. This will give you the chance to choose the files that you want. Once you have selected the desired files, click on the Open button. After this, highlight the media files that you want and click on the plus (+) button. The media files will be put in the contents dialog box on the storyboard tab and will be displayed using a thumbnail. Video and image files can also be added onto the movie.

Step 3: Add Effects

To add effects to the media file, in this case a video, click on the second tab in the media dialogue box. The second tab is normally used for effects. A large number of effects will appear. This includes various filters such as acid, age, aquarium and a boost colors effect. You will be required to select the effect that you would like. Then, using the left mouse button, move the effect to the position that you would like in the Effects dialog box by holding the left mouse button down. After this, drag the blue effect bar to the starting position that you would want, as well as the right end of the blue effect bar. Put it in the position that you would like the effects to end in.

The media files that have video effects are normally placed on the story board tab on the second tab of the media dialogue box. If you would like to add text effects, select the third tab on the media dialogue box and highlight the text effects. After this, drag the text effect to the required dialogue box. A properties dialogue will appear for you to input the desired settings.

These are the basic steps for adding special effects with Nero Vision.