Adding Keyframes in Avid Effects

While using effects, Avid has an important feature that can add keyframes. Any form of effect has to have a starting point and an end and keyframes define this transition. For controlling any type of digital effects, keyframes form an inherent step in the process and hence it is necessary to know how it can be added. Here are few steps which will show how keyframes can be added in Effects Editor.

Step 1 - Open Media Composer and Select Project

You will need to open your Media Composer by double clicking on the Desktop icon and then go to the Select Project dialog box to find and open the project you want to work with.

Step 2 - Go to Effect Editor

Click on Edit from the top menu and choose Effect Editor. This step takes you to the Effect Editor where you will be able to apply various effects to your sequences.

Step 3 - Adding a Single Standard Keyframe

In the Effect Editor there will be the Effect Preview monitor panel with the horizontal green bars. Click on a position on the bar where you want the Keyframe to be added. When you do this you will find that the position indicator has moved to that frame. Now to add the Keyframe, click on the Keyframe icon in the bottom Preview Monitor toolbar. The icon is a small pink triangle. Alternatively you can click on a handle on the effect outline to adjust a parameter and Avid will automatically create a new Keyframe.

Step 4 - Adding Multiple Keyframes

Instead of one keyframe you can select multiple keyframes that can be added. To do this you will have to hold down the Shift key and click on all the required keyframe indicators in the position bar under the Effect Preview monitor.

You can also add keyframes by opening the Effect Editor Shortcut Menu. You can do this by right clicking on any empty space in the Effect Editor and in the menu which opens you have several options of adding keyframes. You will have the following choices and click on the one that is required:

  • Add Keyframes To Active Parameter
  • Add Keyframes To Active Group
  • Add Keyframes To Open Groups
  • Add Keyframes To Enabled Groups
  • Add Keyframes To Open Graphs
  • Add Keyframes To All Parameters

When you choose Add Keyframes To All Parameters, the keyframes will be added to all parameters except tracking and fixed aspect. Now when you click again on any place on the position bar all the parameters will be selected. To change this you again need to go to the Shortcut Menu and choose another option.