Adding Chapters to Your Movie in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD makes it very simple to create high quality DVD videos which look very professional. If you have a very large video then it might be necessary to break it up into separate chapters. This makes it very easy to create menus which allow your viewers to find exactly what they want to watch. It also makes it easier to organize your video professionally.

Fortunately, Showbiz DVD makes creating these chapters very simple. Nobody should find this difficult and it also does this very quickly. Because of this you don't have to waste a long time waiting while your computer divides the clips and separates them into chapters.

Step 1: Creating a Project

The first thing that you will need to do is launch Showbiz DVD and either create a new project or open an existing one. The chapters option, however, will only ever be available to DVD projects so you must ensure that you are working with a DVD project and if not then you will need to convert it beforehand.

Step 2: Create

Click the "create" button at the top of the screen to set the display up in the create mode. This is separated into a number of different tabs which enable different options.

Step 3: Chapters

Click on the "Set Chapters" tab as this will make it possible to trim the trips and create your own chapters. Any video that has chapters will automatically have its own sub-menus which will make it very simple to find them if needed. Creating the chapters is very simple. Click the large play button to start playing the video in the small preview window.

When you click play you will see that the "Set Chapter" button becomes available to click on. To use this you simply need to wait until you get to the correct part of the video and then click the set chapter button.

Step 4: Adjusting Chapters

If you do make a mistake with the position of one of the chapters then you can click on it to adjust it and change the position. It's also possible to delete it by pressing the delete key on your keyboard. If you make a complete mistake with all of the chapters then they can all be removed at once by clicking on the small button which looks like a trash can. This will then make it possible to start again from scratch.

Step 5: Setting Thumbnails

Every chapter and video will have its own thumbnail which will be displayed in the menu. It will also make it easier for you to find the right clips. It's unlikely that you will always want to use the very first frame as the thumbnail for your chapters. To change the frame that you use for the thumbnail you simply need to play though the chapter and then click the "Set Thumbnail" button. Only one thumbnail can be set so if you do this again then the original choice will be overwritten.