A Short Overview of Flash Gallery Factory

The Flash Gallery Factory by Wondershare is a software package that provides an easy avenue in which to create sleek 3D photo galleries, as well as image or video slide shows for your website. This software is simple to use, reasonably priced and full of useful and entertaining features. Whether you want to create a custom slide show for your website with corresponding background music or an elegant looking 3D thumbnail image gallery for a recent wedding, this software provides easy solutions in which to accomplish these tasks and many more.

Gallery Mode

With the Flash Gallery Factory, users have access to two different modes in which to utilize the software. The first of these modes is gallery mode. This mode provides over 55 flash photo gallery templates that consist of pre-arranged effects and photo customization tools that users can use to create clean looking thumbnail and interactive 3D flash photo galleries.

Slide Show Mode

The slide show mode provides tools to produce sleek looking slide shows for your website with a number of aesthetic templates, styles and backgrounds. Additionally, there are copious tools for customizing motion effects, slide transitions, slide size and location, as well as the incorporation of images from your custom made galleries.

Flash Gallery Factory is a multi-media powerhouse for organizing, customizing and utilizing your images and videos.