A Quick Overview of Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing tools. This package is suitable for both professionals and amateur producers. This incorporates as part of other Adobe software, including After Effects and Photoshop. The application is very easy to use, which makes it very useful.

Using Adobe Premiere

Using Adobe Premiere is very easy. You can import video footage from a variety of sources including files on your computer and from a video camera. With the footage imported, it is then possible to perform a number of different processes to edit and perfect it.

When the video is finished, it can then be created as an edited file. The video can also be exported onto a DVD or blu ray disc.


Premiere is a very powerful tool that many professionals use. Premiere is capable of editing high definition videos. This is a very capable and powerful application which can be used by everyone, including amateurs and people producing videos for television.

Online Services

There are a number of free online services which users of the application can also make use of. These include BrowserLab and CS Review. Adobe story is another very useful tool, which can be used for screenwriting.

Voice recognition also detects dialog and enters it into the meta tags for the video. This reduces the amount of typing that you need to do.


In order to use Adobe Premiere, you need to have a modern computer which is very fast. Ideally, a dual core or even quad core processor should be used to make it much quicker to perform edits. Your computer will also need lots of memory, ideally at least 3GB or RAM. Huge hard drives are also necessary, as this will make it much easier to work with large video files.

Recent versions of the application are all 64 bit. This means that they will not run on 32 bit versions of windows. You must be using a 64 bit processor and operating system.

Ease of Use

Using Premiere is very easy because it has a very nice user interface. This also makes it very simple to learn even if you have no experience using any other video editing applications. Premiere supports graphics, audio and video in lots of different formats. These can then be edited and corrected. The videos can be exported onto tape, DVD and as files, which can then be uploaded to the Internet.

Although Premiere can do all common editing tasks and is suitable for most situations, if you are looking for a high-performance solution, you should note the following:


When choosing which video editing application to use, you should consider your budged. Premiere isn't one of the most expensive applications available, however, this is a mid range application. There are plenty of cheaper applications, but Premiere is good value for money because it performs well for its price.

If you have a larger budget, however, then it is possible to pay more for software which works quicker.


Adobe Premiere is a time tested application which has a very good reputation. Premiere is affordable considering the features which are available. This software is adequate for most people who want to edit videos.