A Look at DVD Profiler

DVD Profiler from Invelos Software is sophisticated software for cataloguing a DVD collection. The software can manage a DVD collection of any size and has features which help in data collection, filtering a search and creating reports. Here are some of its main features.

Entering Data

If a DVD drive is present on your computer, then you only need to load the DVD. The software will pick up all the information and you do not need to do any manual data entry. The other option is just enter the Universal Product Code (UPC) in the field and the software will fill out the rest of the information. In case you do not have the UPC, enter the title of the DVD and the search function of the software will do the rest. 

Searching and Reporting

DVD Profiler provides various features and filters which makes your search easy and quick. The software builds a customized filmography and you can search for a movie by title, director or actors. You can also list your collection in print by the reporting function which is fully customizable to your preferences. The software also allows you to add pictures of the cast and title cover to your database from sources available online.

Taking Full Control of Your Collection

DVD Profiler enables you to keep track of the DVDs you have lent out and keeps a record of the movies that have been viewed. You can generate a report, and learn of the status of each DVD which has been borrowed (and the number of times it has been viewed in a time frame). The software can also generate graphs and charts to give you a visual representation of trends at a glance. These features give you full control over monitoring your collection.