9 Important Video Features for Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas software is a digital video editing software package designed by Sony. There are many different versions of Sony Vegas available for all different post production and video editing needs. This is a linear editor, so editing can be done anywhere throughout the video. There are many different video editing features, audio editing features and workflow features. Much of Vegas can be customized by the user to optimize workflow. Here are nine important features of this software:

1. Light Effects

There are new light effects that can be applied to light sources in the frame. The new ones include fill light, soft contrast, starburst, defocus, rays and glint.  Lighting effects can be used to create atmosphere and interesting lighting within the scene.

2. Frame Rate Conversion

There are several different frame rates that are used in videos, 24p, 25p and 30p. There are some newer frame rates that are used depending on the video format, and Sony Vegas supports all of these new frame rates.

3. Keyframes

Many new effects and transitions can be inserted using keyframes. Previously this was not the case for all transitions and effects. It is possible to use keyframes with Bezier masks, filters, transitions and track motion. Keyframes are chose to surround the transitions or effect.

4. Aspect Ratios

The latest version of Vegas can support all different types of aspect ratio. This is the ratio between the width of the frame and the height of the frame. This aspect ratio will vary depending on if a standard screen is being used or a widescreen.  The main aspect rations are 4:3 and 16:9, but Vegas can support all other forms.

5. Mismatched Media

There is source media available that can provide adjustments so that it is possible to work with mismatched media. Frequently this is a problem, as different software may need to be used. However, Sony now supports adjustments for different media.

6. High Definition

As more and more movies and TV programs are being shot in high definition, Sony has provided additional support for high definition formats. The software has been improved to work with HD-SDI and HDV formats. There is additional support for dealing with any problems working in high definition. Vegas is one of the best video editing programs for working with high definition.

7. Real Time

It is possible to view in real time the playback of transitions, processes and effects of an external monitor. This makes it possible to view the video and see how each change affects the clip. Real time is very important as the user may put a lot of work into the clip only to find it does not look right when played in real time.

8. Workflow

One of the big advantages is the multicam editing workflow. You can see the different tracks, one from each camera, and edit these at the same time. Then, you will be able to determine which offers the best view and how the editing affects each of the different multicamera views.

9. Additional Support

Some of the additional support offered by Sony Vegas includes alpha channel, multiple file formats, unlimited tracks, enhanced video compositing, color corrections, ProType Titler and much more.