7 Reasons to Invest in Motion Analysis Software

Motion analysis software, also known as motion capture, is used to capture motion and then have it translated to be used in a digital form. This is used in many industries, not just entertainment. The cameras will not record the visual appearance of the actor, but only the movements. All of the actions are mapped and camera motion can even be tracked so it dollies, titles and pans. The software will process this motion and then create it into a format in a digital world created in the computer. Here are 7 reasons to invest in this software:

1. Tests

The latest software allows for multiple tests to be conducted, as the amount of work needed to do 1 test or 5 is exactly the same, no matter how complex the shot or the length of the motion capture. Therefore, changing shots costs much less than having to go reshoot the entire shot.

2. Accuracy

There are many physical manners that can be accurately created. These motions include force exchanges, weight and secondary motions. Complex movements are easily mapped, and having the actors interact is simple and very realistic looking. 

3. Animation

The pure amount of animation that can be created is much greater than using older, more traditional animation techniques. Therefore, motion capture  is both time efficient as well as cost effective. It is also possible to obtain real time results which reduce the amount of keyframe animation that is needed.

4. Video Editing

The desired motion can be used immediately and video editing is not needed to extract the motion. Therefore, once the motion is captured in the camera, it can be inserted into the computer and creation of the digital objects can be started immediately. Post production is greatly decreased and the overall time needed to complete the shoot is shortened.

5. Simultaneous Capture

The motion can be captured by many different cameras at once. This is an efficient way to shoot. Get 4 different camera angles at once, instead of taking the additional time needed to shoot each angle one at a time. This capture can be analog, digital or a mix of both. This cuts down on shooting time dramatically.

6. Actors

Instead of using all different actors to complete a scene, only 1 actor can be used. The actor will play each part as the different motion, which can then all be combined together. The actor will wear a special suit that has dots to capture the motion, then the computer will add the body size, costume, age and makeup as needed. This can decrease all types of production costs. 

7. The Stage

Unlike using a green screen or blue screen, it is not necessary to stay in front of the screen. The motion capture stage does not need to be a specific color. By creating the actor digitally and putting the motion in a digital world, there are no limitations to what can occur. This makes the motion much more natural. There is also no need to be limited by what is available for a set, as it can all be created in a computer. Light filters, light and color do not need to be used when shooting, as again, this is all added digitally.