7 Production Problems Solved by Newtek Tricaster

Newtek Tricaster is a portable system that contains everything needed to broadcast and record live sets. This is used by many networks that use live broadcasting and live streaming. It is possible to produce and deliver live productions as part of a team or as an individual. The system is lightweight and small enough that it can fit into a backpack. Newtek can be used for education purposes, broadcast, religious services and government licensed events.

1. Speed

The Newtek Tricaster can be set up very quickly, which is a benefit for those breaking news events. The ability to be up and running in a matter of minutes means that you will have the first broadcast while others are still setting up.

2. Multiple Tools

All the tools that would be found in a live TV truck are all found in the Newtek. It is possible to see clip playback, multi camera switching, audio mixing, virtual sets, overlay, streaming encoder, timeline and much more. Many times, these different processes will be found in many different pieces of equipment. Instead of running around passing the clips from person to person, it can all be accomplished in one spot on site.

3. Cameras

The Newtek can be connected to six cameras. Simply connect a camera and the video being shot will appear on the screen and can be used instantly. This significantly speeds up live event production.  Use a green screen or blue screen and one camera to have your own live virtual set. The LiveSet technology is proprietary and is integrated into the system.

4. Audio Flexibility

The TriCaster makes audio mixing a breeze as you can have complete control of the audio using a few different controls.  Each of the different sources, DDR, line, mic1 and mic2, have their own output volume control and level controls. There are on board audio meters to ensure that the signal is good. There is equalization and balance for each input as well as a talk over button for microphone inputs. All audio can be added without the need to convert audio or import it.  It is captured at the same time.

5. Effects

The TriCaster comes with hundreds of transitions that can be used immediately. These different transitions include 3D page curls, wipes, peels and more. The transitions can be used live in the real time editor. It is also possible to choose the effects order. All transitions can be quickly dialed in the machine for immediate use.

6. Outputs

It is possible to send the clip to three different places at once: the Web, projector and video. The digital output provides high resolution footage. It is also possible to mix video captured with TriCaster and other computer sources. The video is automatically scaled up to the resolution of the chosen projector. Unlike other post production where output must be formatted individually, TriCaster can easily handle 3-in-1.

7. Editing

Editing occurs in the storyboard or timeline. It is possible to add multiple video layers, slow motion, picture-in-picture, 3D rotation, panning, soft edges, animated titles and more all onsite where the footage is being shot.