7 Key Features of the Cineplayer DVD Decoder Pack

The Cineplayer DVD Decoder Pack is designed to make it very simple to play back DVD videos on your computer. While Windows comes with Windows Media Player as standard, it does not have any DVD decoders. This means that playing back a DVD isn't possible without third party decoders. Windows Media Player is only capable of playing back video files and Internet video as standard.

While there are many different decoder packs available, the Cineplayer pack is one of the easiest to use and the most effective. You need to check the features of this to decide whether or not it's the best pack for your computer. When you have installed this software, it will then be possible to play back videos which are stored on DVDs.

1. Playback on Windows

The main feature of the Cineplayer DVD Decoder pack is to allow you to play back DVDs on your computer. This makes it possible for a standard windows installation with Windows Media installed to be able to play back DVDs quickly and easily.

2. High Quality

The decoder pack is small in size, but capable of playing back high quality DVDs. This means that the playback on your computer is quick and should not suffer from any distortion. The small file size also means that it doesn't use up lots of your computers resources. The picture quality of the video is much better than some other decoders.

3. File Support

The decoder supports standard MPEG 2 DVD video files. This means that it is compatible with all of the DVDs currently available. You should be able to play back any DVD you like with this software.

4. Support for Windows Media Player

Cineplayer DVD Decoder pack is designed specifically for windows mobile users. This means that it includes all of the codecs and decoders that you could possibly need to play back DVDs. This means that it is very easy to install and it does not overwrite any files which are already on your computer. This is suitable for Windows XP media player and many other versions of the software.

5. Surround Sound

The software also has full surround sound support. This means that if you are watching back a DVD with Dolby surround sound and have surround sound speakers, you will be able to enjoy it in all its glory. This will make you think that you are at the cinema enjoying a film. Even on a stereo system, the sound is very good. This means that if you are playing DVDs on a notebook computer, the sound will still be crisp and easy to hear.

6. Lip Synchronization

With some more demanding codecs and decoder packs, people will sometimes experience trouble. The video and audio can sometimes become out of sync, which will make watching it annoying. Cineplayer has sophisticated technology to ensure that this never happens.

7. Support for Subtitles

The decoder pack also has support for subtitles and closed captions. This will make it very simple for you to be able to understand exactly what is happening even if you aren't able to hear the film.