6 Useful Features of Aiseesoft M2TS Converter

The Aiseesoft M2TS Converter is a great way to convert your M2TS videos to different formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV and other video formats. IT is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use software that provides native support for TS, MTS, MOD and TOD formats. It can also convert almost all audio formats to the commonly used formats and extract audio from compatible videos. Following are the most useful features of the M2TS Converter:

1. Precise Editing Function

The M2TS Converter makes use of the latest editing tools to provide you with the ability to adjust video parameters like brightness, saturation and contrast, de-interlacing, trimming, cropping, and adding static and dynamic watermarks.

2. De-Interlacing

The M2TS Converter can employ de-interlacing to eliminate jagged edges and provide more comfortable viewing.

3. Merging of Multiple Inputs

The software features the ability to combine multiple input source files and render one final combined output. All you need to do is check the relevant options before executing the conversion process.

4. Video Watermarking

You can easily characterize your video by adding an image or text based watermarks. These watermarks can be put in any position specified by a vertical and horizontal marker. You also have the option to make the watermark transparent.

5. Add and Choose Subtitles and Audio Tracks

The Converter allows you to add and then choose specific subtitles and audio tracks based on your preferences.

6. Quick Conversions

The converter is compatible with the NVIDIA CUDA technology, and it can support multi-core CPUs to deliver short conversion times that are up to six times better than competitors.