6 Menu Features for Scenarist

Scenarist is a specialized software suite that provides reliable performance as a Blu-Ray disc-authoring package. The Scenarist allows the professional editor to exert unparalleled control over each and every aspect of the Blu-Ray authoring process. The options range from controlling cell level content to standardized and advanced interactivity.

One of the main contributing factors to Scenarist’s success is its unprecedented menu controls, that provide a host of functions like the following.

1. Scenarist and Adobe Photoshop

The Scenarist Designer provides an easy and direct connection to Adobe Photoshop via the means of a plug-in. The plug-in is designed to provide a unique level of detail in creation of a workflow. It allows the designer to design, plan layouts, and then rapidly export the designs (on menus or buttons or other menu elements) from Adobe Photoshop to Scenarist BD directly. This ensures that that the process of Blu-Ray authoring and production stays on course, takes a significantly lesser amount of time and keeps operating without errors.

2. Built-in Pop-up Menu Effects Editor

The Built-in Pop-up Menu Effects Editor allows the Scenarist to join forces with the designer to provide easy and quick animations for the pop-up menus on the disc. This is achieved through Scenarist's Effects Editor. The effects editor also allows you to design and then animate various attributes such as cropping, positioning and palettes to create unique and eye-catching designs that will out do your competition.

3. Independent in and out Effects

The Scenarist is configured to allow you to specifically design and create customized in and out animations that allow a very specialized and unique look and feel to the Blu-Ray disc menus (and associated elements that are created by you). You can use these menus to suit a certain mood, occasion or an event.

4. Button Effects and Sounds

Apart from the steps mentioned above, the Scenarist provides a method to truly separate you from the competition and others by allowing the creation and incorporation of specific sound effects and button effects. These effects facilitate the creation of extremely compelling menus that are dynamic in nature.

5. Animated Effects for Buttons and Menus

You may also go for creating animated buttons to provide character to your menus and associated menu elements. This will enable the menus to come to life with different behavioral patterns in various states of action.

6. Multi Page Menu Creation

You can use the Multi Page Menu Creation option to create menus and pop-ups that transcend more than one (multiple) level of selection and operation. You will be able to drill down the detailed options menu and add extra bonus content.

You should now be able to understand and use the Scenarist’s menu features.