5 Useful After Effects Plugins for Action Movies

Adobe After Effects plugins can be used to make the software much more powerful. If you are trying to make action movies using After effects, then you will need to learn which plugins can be used to make these movies look much better. These add-ons make your videos look very professional, which makes it much easier to create a video that you are proud of.

Below are some of the most useful plugins which can be used for After Effects. Some of these plugins are even free, which means that you don't need to invest any money to use them.

1. Genarts Sapphire Lighting

This is a professional plugin which is very expensive. The entire Genarts package costs around $2500, however, the lighting module costs $500, which is more affordable. This is useful for action movies because they create interesting lighting effects.

There are 19 different effects included with this package. Genarts is a popular name in lighting effects. Lens Flare is a useful plugin which will get a lot of use. There are also many different plugins which are suitable, including Glint and Edge Rays.

2. Red Giant Software Psunami 1.3

Psunami is an amazing plug in which can be used to create realistic water effects. This software was used in the Aviator film, which means that it has proven success. It's possible to use this to create all sorts of different water effects including pools to high seas.

The camera can be placed virtually anywhere. It can be put over or under the water to create some unique effects. Psunami has been used in many films and TV shows. If your action movie has any water, then this is the right plugin for you.

3. Text Anarchy 2.3

This plugin can be used to create some stunning animated text. There are many different things that you can use this effect for, including adding noise, texture or flashing words. There are many different animation techniques which can be used to move words and letters, including random paths, grids and spirals. While text might not be high up the list of visual effects, many action movies do make use of it in one way or another.

4. Primatte Keyer

If you are using any green screen effects in your movie, then you should consider adding Primatte Keyer. This is a professional quality tool which can make it really easy to select certain colors and make them transparent. This is very easy to use, and there is also an auto setup function which makes it possible to click and wait while the software does everything else.

5. Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet is another really useful plugin which can be used to make your scene look different. The conditions in the film can be adjusted. There are over 100 different presets including Aged, Cool and Dream look. These effects can be applied to your videos in a single click to make your audience aware of exactly what is going on.

The finished video can then be refined and finished to make it perfect. All of the effects are better than many other pieces of software. This is also capable of basic image editing functions to touch up your video.

Choosing the plugins which can be used with After Effects to make your video much more professional will be very helpful when making an action movie.