5 Reasons to Use Video ReDo to Record Television

Video ReDo is an all-in-one application wherein you can edit videos, burn DVDs and author them. With this program, there is no need to use or switch to other applications in order to do the things that you want with your movies. It makes recording your favorite TV shows much easier, and it makes it much more fun because of its efficiency.

1. Convert Format from Portable Devices

With portable video and mp3 players flooding the market today, this program is able to convert the mpeg2 files into whatever format your portable player requires. You can now watch your favorite TV shows on your portable device.

2. Repair and Synchronize

There are times when the material you get from your television is not in sync and will be of lesser quality. For example, the audio and video might not come together smoothly. This software can automatically repair this and correct any irregularities.

3. Simple User Interface

Video ReDo presents a simple user interface that makes it easier for you to edit and burn your favorite videos from your television. Despite this, it still offers full functionality and the tools give you various options.

4. Auto Downgrade to SD from HD

It can also effectively edit high-definition programs, but since DVDs can only play standard-definition, it automatically downgrades the format and you do not have to do the conversion manually.

5. Preview in Real Time

Preview your edits in real time so you can view them before saving. Video ReDo allows you to make sure that you are content and satisfied with your work before finishing off and burning it onto a DVD.