5 Reasons to Use Silhouette FX in Rotoscoping

Silhouette FX is a visual effects software program designed to make the rotoscoping process easier. Rotoscoping involves cutting a subject out of the background of it's original video clip and then replacing it with a new one. It's a very tedious process that has to be performed individually to every frame. But, that's changing thanks to new software like Silhouette FX. Here are five reasons why you would want to use it for rotoscoping.

1. Designed Exclusively for Rotoscoping

Silhouette FX is designed specifically for rotoscoping. Because it's not an all around visual effects program, it has a very efficient work flow to accomplish what it does. With it's 'Rotospline' tool, you can work quickly to perform the best rotoscopes possible.

2. Can Work With Other Programs

One of the things that makes Silhouette FX so unique is that it can function either as a stand alone program, or it can be used as a support application with After Effects or Final Cut Pro. This means that you could be working on other visual effects in those programs. Go to Silhouette for your rotoscoping needs, and then return to your original program to continue working with other effects. After Effects and Final Cut aren't the only compatible prgrams. You can also use Silhouette with Apple Shake, Discreet Fire and other programs.

Silhouette FX can be used on computers that use Mac OS, Windows or Linux as their operating systems.

3. One Stop Shop

The program allows you to address all of your rotoscoping needs in one place which definitely lessens the pain that comes from its tedious nature. You can make an unlimited number of splines and edit them right there on the spot. You can also add feathering anywhere, as well as easily execute accurate motion blurs, which makes for higher quality images.

4. Created by Visual Effects Artists

The people that designed this program knew what they were doing because they are also visual effects artists. They know how to perform great rotoscoping and how to make the process faster and easier with better results. Their experiences have helped them create a great product. 

5. Can Make Adjustments on Multiple Frames

Part of what makes rotoscoping such a painful and tedious process is that it has to be performed frame by frame. With Silhouette FX, you can make changes to multiple frames at once, which makes the process quick. It allows the artist to concentrate on how his decisions are affecting the video, instead of investing a lot of time in executing decisions that might not be the best choices.