5 Reasons to use DVD Architect Studio

DVD Architect Studio is sophisticated video authoring software with many features. It enables you to author both DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs on your home PC. Here are 5 good reasons why you should be using this software.

1. Easy Interface, Workflow and Intuitive Help

Building a DVD or Blu-ray Disc is very simple with this software. Most of the operations which you need to perform are of the drag-and-drop type. You can create DVDs for single movies, slideshows and compilations of music with a very simple workflow. To get help, you can access the "Show Me How" tutorials which have a step-by-step guidance on all procedural topics.

2. Design Menus and Create Buttons for Your Movies

This feature makes your DVDs more user-friendly. You can create a menu by which the viewer can go straight to his favorite part in the video or locate a particular chapter. DVD Architect studio also enables you to create various buttons, graphics and text, and position them at any place on the screen. Creating captions and titles with special effects is also easy with this software.

3. Add Backgrounds

The software comes with 56 pre-customized themes for backgrounds along with a set of menu buttons. There is a feature to also import a theme or graphic which you have created.

4. Professional Output

The DVDs you create will have a professional touch to them as this software enables you to create in many different formats of media including HD and standard definition. You can also include scenes which happened during the shoot like cuts from the director, comical situations and outtakes.

5. Preview Simulation

The software has a virtual remote feature by which you can create a preview simulation which enables you to see how your creation will look when played on a DVD device or when broadcast on television.