5 Reasons to Buy Edius SP

Edius SP is a nonlinear editing system. Professionals use Edius SP to edit both standard and high definition movies. There are many reasons to buy Edius SP, including the ability to edit in real time, top of the line format support, the many standard codecs that are included with Edius SP, the export options that Edius SP features, and the multicam editing support that is provided by Edius SP. You can even try Edius SP for a full 30 days before you decide to buy it. Here are 5 reasons to buy Edius SP:

1. Real Time Editing

Being able to edit movies in real time saves you both time and money. No other nonlinear editing system provides more real time editing capabilities than Edius SP. One of the greatest features of Edius SP is the fact that the software can edit clips that are in different formats without having to transcode the clips, in real time. You can even work with keyframed 3D DVEs or video filters in real time at full frame rate quality with Edius SP.

2. Format Support

Edius SP is compatible with many of the top brands of video technology, such as Canon, Panasonic, Ikegami, JVC and Sony. As technology manufacturers come out with new products, the developers of Edius SP, Grass Valley, begin work immediately to ensure that their products are capable of editing footage that is captured with the new technology. If you have Edius 5, the software even supports Ikegami GFCAM, which is a very new technology.

3. Standard Codecs

You might have to pay for more advanced codecs with other nonlinear editing software, but not with Edius SP. Grass Valley provides a wide range of codecs with Edius SP at no cost. The codecs that are standard with Edius SP allow you to edit HDV 720p videos, JPEG 2000 videos, AVCHD videos, DVCPRO HD videos, HDV 1080i videos and much more. Unlike other nonlinear editing programs, Canopus HQ is a standard codec with Edius SP. Canopus HQ allows you to edit HD video like you would standard video.

4. Export Options

With Edius SP, you don't have to export your entire project as a single format. The easy to use export controls that are provided with Edius SP allow you to export part of your project(s) to different formats in no time at all. With other nonlinear editing software, you may have to recompress MPEG footage in order to encode it with MPEG-2 footage, but that is not the case with Edius SP. Depending on which Edius SP program you have, you may even be able to encode in MPEG-2/HDV, which is super fast because of multi-threading.

5. Multicam Editing

When editing professional video footage, it is likely that you will be taking footage from multiple cameras. Edius SP includes multicam editing features that allow you to switch between footage from multiple cameras and sync footage from multiple cameras with the touch of a button. You can edit footage that came from up to 8 cameras at a time with Edius SP.