5 Key Features of Xilisoft Video to DVD Converter

Xilisoft Video to DVD convertermakes it possible to convert any digital videos that you have to a format which can be burned onto DVD. This makes it very easy to share your video collection with people who don't have computers. The disks can be played on anything which supports DVDs.

1. Editing

Video to DVD converter supports basic editing tasks. This includes clipping the film or adding watermarks. Watermarks are especially useful if you are producing a video to advertise your services of skills.

2. Preview

A preview window makes it possible to look at the progress of your video in real time. This is a useful way of checking that your video is coming together well and that it looks right.

3. Background

It's possible to run the conversion in the background. This means that it consumes a small amount of your computers power so that you can do other things with your computer at the same time.

4. Adding Subtitles

Subtitles and audio tracks can be added to your video when using this software. The position of the subtitles can be adjusted along with the transparency to ensure that the video can still be seen clearly. The subtitles can be added from SRT format which makes it simple to edit and adjust timings.

Up to eight audio tracks can be added in a variety of formats including MP3, WAV and FLAC.

5. Chapters

Chapters will automatically be added to your DVD at regular intervals if allowed. This makes it very simple for you to organise your disk and means that your viewers will be able to find everything.