5 Key Features of Xilisoft MP4 to DVD Converter

Xilisoft MP4 to DVD Converter can be used to easily convert MP4 videos downloaded from the Internet into high quality DVD videos. This makes it possible to watch the video on a television or computer without the need for an Internet connection. This should make it very easy to get your downloaded videos onto a DVD which is compatible with anything that can read DVD videos. Here are five key features of this program:

1. Converting MP4 Videos

When the videos have been downloaded from the Internet, they can then be converted and burned right onto a DVD. This process is very straightforward as you simply need to follow the instructions on the screen. The video can be converted to a DVD, DVD ISO or a DVD folder ready for burning onto a disk.

2. Creating DVD Menus

As most MP4 videos are quite small, it's easy to fit a few different videos onto the same disk. These can be organized by using DVD menus. It's also possible to customize these menus to make navigating around the videos very simple. It's also possible to set rules where the menu can be skipped when the video is played for the first time. This makes it very easy to produce a professional looking disk.

3. Compatible Files

MP4 to DVD Converter supports a wide range of different files including MOV, MP4, MPG, H.264, MPEG and MKV among a few others.

4. Playback

A small window allows you to view your video before it is finished. This makes it possible to work out what you should do next.

5. Adding Audio and Subtitles

Different audio tracks and subtitles can be added to the videos before they are written onto DVD.