5 Key Features of Video To Flash Converter

The Aiseesoft Video to Flash Converter is a simple and no nonsense solution to convert your videos or DVDs to flash. It supports the conversion of file formats like MPEG, AVI and WMV to flash videos with thumbnails. It can also create executable application files to be delivered over a network. Following are the key features of the Aiseesoft Video to Flash Converter:

1. Powerful Video Editing Tools

The Aiseesoft Flash Converter features video editing tools, which are among the best in its class. It supports merging of multiple video sources, cropping, trimming, video effects, play skins and more.

2. Customizable Play Skins

The Video to Flash Converter features the ability to change the play skins for a flash video and the background colors based on your needs and preferences.

3, Multiple Profile Settings

The Video to Flash Converter provides options to choose from a slew of playback settings: auto loop, video auto play, output flash and auto rewind. You can also go for additional tweaking such as opening a pre-determined web page on a click or open a new page once the playing of the flash video is over.

4. De-Interlacing

The software also makes use of de-interlacing that dramatically improves the video quality and removes the jagged edges from the images to allow comfortable viewing.

5. User Interface

The Aiseesoft Video to Flash Converter has an easy-to-use, user friendly and intuitive interface.