5 Great Features of TotalMedia Theatre

TotalMedia Theatre is software that allows users to play movies and other DVDs on their PC, download content from YouTube, and save or share it with others. Here are some of its features.

1. Friendly User Interface

TotalMedia Theatre comes with an improved user interface that offers easy-to-click controls. It gives users greater access to things like new updates for the program.

2. Support for 3D

The new version of TotalMedia Theatre can now play 3D movies with both Blu-ray and regular formats of 3D DVDs supported.

3. Ability to Play, Download and Share Online Content

With TotalMedia Theatre, the user can go to YouTube and watch the clip through the TotalMedia Theatre interface. Then, if desired, the user can either download it to his computer or share it with friends online.

4. Dual Speaker Sound Quality

TotalMedia Theatre has the capability to simulate surround sound by using two channels of audio files, which works with a PC’s regular speakers or with headphones.

5. Special DVD Menu

TotalMedia Theatre has a special menu that lets users get additional content online and make thumbnails of things like the movie’s subtitles, chapters and bookmarks.