5 Great Features of Aiseesoft AVI MPG Converter

The Aiseesoft AVI MPEG Converter is an easy-to-use MPEG to AVI converter and AVI to MPEG converter rolled into one. The software can also be used to convert other formats like the HD WMV, HD TS, HD MTS and more. There are a lot features that make the Aiseesoft AVI MPEG Converter ideal for your conversion needs. Here are a few features that you might find exciting:

1. Fast Conversion Speed

The Aiseesoft AVI MPEG Converter fully supports modern multi-core CPUs and provides low conversion times. These times are up to 300% better than competitors.

2. De-Interlacing

The Aiseesoft AVI MPEG Converter features extensive support for de-interlacing and can help your videos get rid of jagged edges and interlace it for much better and comfortable viewing.

3. Merge Multiple Video Files into One

The Aiseesoft AVI MPEG Converter software furnishes a direct and easy way for you to integrate, split and merge your source video files. All you need to do it click on the appropriate options like the “merge into one file” button. You can also opt to generate multiple output formats from the same given source file.

4. Selection of Subtitles and Audio Track

You can enable the options for selection of subtitles and audio tracks for a comfortable and easier viewing experience.

5. Addition of Watermarks to a Video

You can also use the Aiseesoft AVI MPEG Converter to add in text based or image watermarks to your videos. This will help in distinguishing your videos.