5 BlazeVideo iPhone Video Converter

BlazeVideo iPhone Video Converter is one of the most simple pieces of software that you can use to convert video into a format which can be played back on an iPhone or compatible device. This software will take videos from a variety of sources and convert them into MP4 format which is compatible and suitable for the iPhone.

1. Converting Audio

It's possible to use this software to convert any audio files to MP3 format which is suitable for use on the iPhone. Any type of audio file can be converted including WAV or OGG.

2. Converting Video

It's possible to convert the video using the video converter software. This makes it possible to not only specify the output format but also the resolution. This means that it is easy to keep file sizes to a minimum without adversely affecting quality significantly.

3. Easy to Use

When the iPhone is connected to the computer the software will automatically detect it. This means that the output path of the video will automatically be set as the iPhone. Because of this there is no need to manually copy and transfer the video to your device.

The software has an easy to use interface. This means that there are certain things that you need to click to work your way through the process. Anyone can use this software to create iPhone compatible videos even with little computer experience.

4. Sync to iPhone

It's possible to use the software to sync your video collection with your iPhone. This is a great feature for any film lover who wants to always make sure they have their latest releases with them.