4VideoSoft M2TS Converter: Key Features and Functions

The 4VideoSoft M2TS Converter is a fast and versatile solution to convert M2TS video formats into widely used video formats for the iPOD, iPhone, PS3 and more. Additionally, this software also doubles as an audio extractor offering the ability to extract audio from various soundbites within a movie or an entire soundtrack and convert it to popular audio formats. With a wide array of useful editing tools at their disposal, users can customize or recreate a video with ease and match their own specifications as they see fit.

Key Features

This software comes loaded with unique and useful features for editing and customization. With use of the simple editing interface, users can crop their videos, trim out a portion of the video then merge it with other video segments to create a unique clip. The M2TS converter also offers an avenue to adjust both video and audio encoder settings, resolution, framerate and bitrate. Users can then create a profile based off these preferences and use it for future editing purposes with one click. With powerful conversion speeds and compatibility with dual core processing, this software is easy to use and can be up and operational with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Key Functions

Th M2TS converter supports multiple input formats including MTS, M2TS and TS, along with a wide range of output formats that include but are not limited to HD AVI, MPV, MPG and WMV. In conjunction with the wide spectrum of video format compatibility, this software also supports many popular audio outputs including AU, MP3, FLAC and AAC. To save time, this converter also provides a means to set multiple output formats for files and simultaneously convert them to save time.