4VideoSoft HD Converter: An Overview

The 4VideoSoft HD converter is an avenue in which users can convert standard video formats into HD video formats that are viewable on mobile devices, such as the iPhone and PSP, or on the PC. For those users who are becoming accustomed to viewing everything in high definition, this video conversion software is the perfect tool to ensure all of your video can be converted into the HD format of your choice. Additionally, this software can also extract audio from video and convert it into playable audio in a number of widely used formats.


This HD conversion software comes with a wide array of useful editing features. Among some of the more popular of these features includes the ability to check deinterlacing, attach watermarks, option to select a specific soundtrack and or subtitles prior to conversion, as well as numerous image editing tools that can crop, trim and merge specific video segments.


The main function of the 4VideoSoft HD converter is to convert general video or generic HD video into any form of HD video format. However, this software can also convert HD video into SD video which is supported by many of the popular mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone and others.