4VideoSoft DVD to MP4 Converter for Mac: An Overview

DVD to MP4 Converter from 4Videosoft is the ideal software for Mac users. It converts DVDs into the MP4 format, which has compatibility with a wide range of devices. You can view your favorite DVDs on any of the MP4 players, Apple TV, PSP, and any model of the iPod and iPhone. You can also rip video including HD to AVI and a variety of MOV formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, HD WMV, HD MP4, HD MPG and HD TS. 

If you want to only listen to the audio, you can extract it from the DVD and convert the track to popular audio formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, AIFF, AU, AMR, AC3, OGG and many more. The software works with Mac OS X and also supports the Tiger and Leopard versions on Intel processors or PowerPC G4 or G5. It also requires RAM of minimum 512 MB with at least a graphics card of 16 bits and resolution of 800 x 600 in Super VGA.

Improve Video Quality

DVD to MP4 Converter has various functions which enable you to improve the overall quality of the video. You can adjust levels of brightness, saturation and contrast in the video to get the best picture. Employing de-interlacing technology, the software is able to eliminate unevenness in the image quality to quite an extent, which is usually the outcome of the interlacing process.

Simple Interface and Quick Conversions

The software provides a user friendly interface which makes it simple to use; all editing and conversions can be accomplished with a few clicks. The superior technology of the software converts the files much quicker, and a single DVD file can be converted to MP4 and other supported formats at the same time.

Setting Parameters

Various parameters can be adjusted to get the optimum output. The software enables you to define resolution in pixels by entering numerical values for Width x Height. You can also set the bit rate for audio, video and frame rate, specify the encoding, and adjust the channels. All your adjustments of various parameters can be saved as individual profiles for later use.


Apart from conversion, the software also provides a variety of editing features. You can trim the length of the video or select particular segments from the DVD which you need to convert. Several segments can be merged into a single file and then converted. The cropping feature enables you to fit the video image in different sizes of play areas. You can get rid of black bands at the edges and effectively position the cropped image. The selection of audio tracks and including a selected subtitle track is also possible in the output.

Preview and Snapshot

Preview your edited version in real time along with the original on the same screen so that you are aware of what your output is going to look like. While previewing, you can also take snapshots of any images you like in the video and store them as JPG, GIF or BMP files.

Apply Watermarks to Your Output

DVD to MP4 Converter also enables you to apply an image or text watermark to your output to make it unique.