4VideoSoft DVD to iPod Converter: An Overview

DVD to iPod Converter for Mac users, developed by 4VideoSoft, is the ideal solution for converting DVDs to formats which can be played on various iPod models like iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Classic. These formats include iPod MOV, MPEG-4 AVC and MP4. As the MP4 format is supported by Apple TV and iPhone, you can rip your DVDs to play on these devices as well. Extracting only audio from a DVD is also possible and the track can be saved in formats like WAV, MP3, AIFF, M4A and AAC. The software works on machines using Mac OS X, including Tiger and Leopard, and is built for getting the optimum functionality from Intel processors and Power PC.

Quality Output and Faster Conversion

DVD to iPod Converter for Mac uses a sophisticated technology of Deinterlacing to remove jaggedness which is commonly found while interlacing video. This option is used to get a much superior quality of video in the output. The output can also be enhanced by various controls provided by the software. These controls enable you to adjust the contrast, saturation and brightness of the video to optimum levels.

The speed of conversion is also quite fast without compromising on quality. The software is also able to convert a DVD to multiple supported file formats at the same time.  

Required Parameters for Output

The software gives you control to set your parameters for the output and they include settings for frame rate, video and audio encoding, video and audio bit rate, sample rate and resolution. You can also define the exact resolution by keying in the numeric value in pixels for Width x Height. All parameters that you define can be saved as profiles and used repeatedly in the future for the required type of conversions.

Cropping, Selecting Segments and Merging

Usually when you convert to another format for playing the video in other devices, the picture will not fit properly in the play area of the device and you might get black borders that unnecessarily take up screen space. The software offers a solution for this problem with its Crop function which will let you crop to the required size and also define the cropped area's position.

The software also provides controls by which you can select a particular segment for conversion if you do not want to convert the whole DVD. Here you need to key in the starting and ending time of the required portion. The merging option enables you to make a single file comprising of several segments or chapters of the DVD.

Specific Selection of Audio Track and Subtitles

DVD to iPod Converter enables you to choose the specific audio track you require in the output and also select the subtitles you want.

Previewing and Snapshot

Simultaneous viewing of the edited and original video is possible next to each other, and by this you can compare and get an idea of how the output will appear. While previewing, you can also capture snapshots of your favorite scenes and store them as image files in JPG, GIF or BMP formats.


Make your output unique by applying a text or image watermark with the DVD to iPod Converter.