4VideoSoft DVD to iPhone Converter: Key Features and Functions

4VideoSoft DVD to iPhone Converter is software that allows you to convert DVDs into iPhone compatible file formats. Here are some of the key features and functions of this software.

Editing, Conversion and Arrangement

DVD to iPhone Converter allows you to trim unwanted portions of your video file, crop the image to suit your player's shape and size, and also merge different clips to create a single video file. The converter also equips you to convert DVDs to iPhone, MP4, MP3, M4A, WAV audio and video files. Once converted, the files are also supported or compatible with the various iPod devices and Apple Television. If your files are messed up in terms of proper progressive arrangement, then this software helps you to de-interlace your files so you can view them in proper progression.

Formats, Usage and Parameters

The 4VideoSoft DVD to iPhone Converter helps you to create files of multiple formats from a single DVD at the same time. The usage of this software is very simple and the conversion finishes in a matter of a few clicks. You can modify the parameters for audio and video files according to your needs. You can adjust the encoder, resolution, frame rate and the bitrate for your video file. You can do the same adjustment for the audio files only; you have two different settings to adjust: the Channels and Sample Rate.

Preview, Subtitle and Speed

The software allows you to preview all your video files, take snap shots of key moments and also watermark the video as per your needs. You can even add the audio tracks and subtitles to your file before conversion. It allows you to perform these conversions and modifications 300 times faster than other software on the market.