4VideoSoft DVD Copy Software: An Overview

The 4Videosoft DVD Copy Software is a computer tool used to copy DVD movies quickly. It is also capable of copying data from a dual layer DVD-9 disc and compress it to fit a DVD-5 disc. The software is also capable of creating a backup of the movie. Editing the movie prior to saving it on the local hard drive is possible. Here is a list of the program’s main features.

DVD Conversion

The software can effectively copy movies taken from a DVD and burn them onto a separate blank DVD. Even compressing movies taken from a DVD-9 disc to a DVD-5 disc is possible using the software. There is no loss or reduction in quality between the original and the duplicate. A backup of the DVD may also be saved on the local hard drive.


Users may choose to duplicate the entire DVD including all of its special features such as intros, trailers and ads or copy the main movie only. It is compatible with all types of DVD discs including DVD+–R and RW types, DVD-RAM as well as the Dual Layer 8.5 GB types. Most DVD burners and players are compatible with the software.

Additional Features

The software also allows users to add audio tracks, subtitles and menus. It’s user interface makes it simple to use and master.

Purchase and Upgrade Options

The software can be purchased and downloaded legally from the company’s official website. It is clean of any viruses, spyware or adware. Users may choose to purchase the full version of the software or download the free trial version. The trial version is available to download and use for a limited time only.