4 Tips for Using Sorenson Squeeze

Sorenson Squeeze is comprehensive video compression that provides multiple encoding options and a much smoother workflow. It enables you to publish on multiple websites. Here are a few tips for using Sorenson Squeeze so that you can get the most out of this software.

1. Compress a Video which Is Screen Captured

Sorenson does not have a preset for compressing a clip which is screen captured, but one can be created for MP4 footage. In the section for Presets, select the + icon for creating a new one and click on MP4. You need to name this Preset so that you can find it again. Click on the Audio tab, and change the Data Rate to 32 Kbps and the Sample Rate to 25,000. Click on the Video tab, and for Codec, choose H.264 Main Concept. For frame size, put 640 W and 360 H, and the Frame Rate can be 2:1. Click OK, and you have saved a Preset which will give you excellent quality in a small file size.

2. Save Time on Compression Settings

Many people encode a file repeatedly with the aim of finding the best compression settings. In Sorenson Squeeze, you need not do this as there is a Compression Preview Tool which will save you a lot of time and effort. This elusive tool can be found in the Preview window just under the Timeline. To get a preview of a compression, you need to first import a file with an applied preset and load it on the timeline. Then, place the marker on the point in the clip where you like the preview to start. On the right there is the pull-down arrow through which you can select the duration for the encoding. When you choose the encoding duration, the software will tell you the duration of the clip it will be encoding.

Click on the Play button and you will see the preview in the player. So, without encoding the full clip, you will get an idea of how the compression is going to look.

3. Encode Flash Videos

Squeeze provides quite a few presets under the Workflow Sort folder, which are helpful for distributing your videos through a streaming service for flash. If you are deploying FLV files to servers of HTTP, then use the presets found under the Download folder. You can also create a range of Presets which have different Data Rates that will be useful in deployment.

While making additional Presets, do not change the Quality Settings for image, as it will override the value of bit rate you would have specified and can also change your Frame Rate. You also need not change the ratio for Pixel Aspect, as Squeeze detects the correct ratio automatically.

4. Add a Watermark

Sorenson Squeeze has a quick way to add a watermark to you compression. This can be done by applying the filter for watermarking to any format which you may output. Click on Watermark and choose the position on your clip where you want it to appear.