4 Reasons to Use Videozilla

Videozilla is a video program that converts any type of video file into another. It is capable of changing the video format of one video to a different format and almost all types are supported. This program can be used by anyone, with or without experience in video conversion or editing, because it is quite simple and easy to use. It is being used by millions of people each day. Here are four reasons to use this program:

1. Auto Download Videos

There is a lot of social networking websites nowadays that have embedded videos that you may want to save in your computer so you can view them offline. Videozilla has the ability to download these videos and save them to your hard drive without any complications.

2. Multi-Browser Support

A lot of people have different tastes in using browsers, whether it is IE, Mozilla, Opera or several others. This program is able to work with all of the most popular browsers and will not have a problem when running them together.

3. Low System Resource Requirement

Using this program will not slow down your computer. You can still work on that daily sales report or yearly marketing budget while downloading and converting videos.

4. Audio Extraction

In some cases, you may only be interested in the audio portion of a certain video. The good news is that Videozilla is capable of extracting just the audio component of a video file and saving it as mp3 or WAV.