4 Reasons to use Divx Pro Instead of Xvid

Divx Pro and Xvid are video codec software, and although Xvid is free, there are reasons to use the Divx Pro.

1. HD Quality

Divx Pro provides HD quality playback, which is not available with Xvid. In HD playback, you get the best quality of picture possible.

2. Encoding Speed

The encoding speed of the Divx Pro is much quicker than of Xvid.

3. Configuration

Divx Pro is more user-friendly with a simpler interface, and hence it is easier to configure than Xvid which has a bit of complex controls.

4. Overall Quality of Compression

Although both the software uses the same MPEG 4 compression, the quality of video is much better in Divx Pro. The rate of compressions seem to be the same (both software are able to compress video into a size that would fit on to a CD having a capacity of 700 MB), but Divx Pro seems to score over Xvid where picture quality is concerned. In some parts, Xvid compressed video shows patches of green and the borders of objects are not so sharp.