4 Reasons to Use Autodesk Toxik

Autodesk Toxik has been one of the most successful and useful programs to use; its numerous features made it a top choice among producers and editors who wanted to create and render films and videos, animated stories and movies. Toxik is no longer a standalone program, but it is incorporated in Autodesk Maya program. Nevertheless, despite the change in its name, Toxik features impressive tools and settings, allowing you to create the videos you want. Here are some reasons why you should choose Toxik:

1. Powerful Features

It is not that common to find a single program with all the features included in Toxik/Maya. It features fast processing, motion path animation, paint module, a dynamic zoom system and much faster processing when dealing with large files

2. Creating Character Animation

The software program features tools that help the user create and manage character animation, enhancing the skinning and motion capabilities of the animations.

3. Precision Development

Toxik features UV work tools that give you advanced control over the animation and videos, in order to achieve faster results. The prescale tool gives you the chance to create proportional animation projects, layering the proper UVs.

4. Muscle Enhancement

Toxik/Maya comes with an advanced muscle enhancement feature, for extra precision in creating muscles and their performance. The same feature also extends the precision in showing skin and muscle behavior, resembling the actual body.