4 Reasons to Create Web Graphics with Xara 3D

Xara3D is a 3D graphics creation program for the web. It allows users to quickly and easily make graphics, even if they have never done so before. But, why should you use Xara3D? Here are four reasons why you should purchase this item as soon as possible.

1. Easy to Use

When a user purchases a graphic design program, he often does not know what he is getting into. Some of these programs are not really easy to learn and even harder to get right. While programs like Quark and Adobe Photoshop allow users to do a lot, users have to have some skill to understand how to create the effects and graphics.

Xara3D, however, is specifically designed for the beginner or even the professional who wants to create 3D graphics really fast. It comes with a very intuitive interface that is easy to manipulate and learn, and all the needed tools are lined up along the left-hand side. Users do not need to rummage through a list of menu items to find what they need.

2. The Price

As mentioned earlier, Quark and Photoshop offer users a lot of functions, but they are also extremely expensive. An average user will not have the funds to pay the nearly $1,000 to buy these programs. And, they probably will not need all of the tools included. So, it is better for them to purchase a cheaper program that allows them to do what they need done.

This is where Xara3D really sets itself apart. It is under $30. Further, if a user just needs to create 3D graphics, there is no need to drop the big bucks on the larger programs.

3. Editing Features

Another outstanding part of this program are the editing and special effect controls. To add 3D effects, a user just needs to drag and drop it into the screen and then position it where he wants it to go.

Users can quickly apply effects to text simply by selecting a portion of the text and then selecting the features that they want added. Users can animate, recolor, add texture or bevel their text with simple mouse clicks. Users can also manipulate the lighting of the text using the lighting controls.

Another nice feature is the Style Picker. If a user is going to be making multiple graphics for his site, he probably wants these graphics to have a similar color scheme. The Style Picker allows users to take the settings and effects from one graphic and add it to a different graphic.

Finally, any time that a user wants to revert to the original look of the file, he simply has to press the undo button. Then, everything goes back to its original state.

4. Quality

The final reason to use Xara3D is that the graphics come out great and look professional. They can be outputted to the site or as a screensaver. Further, users do not need to worry about backgrounds since they can set the background to be transparent.