4 New Features of TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter

TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter is a computer software program designed to assist you in adding videos to your presentations that include files from the movies you take with a camera, mobile telephone or with a video recorder. Here are some of its new features:

1. 3D Transitions

With TMPGEnc’s new 3D options, you can create special effects such as flipping the video, box turning, page rolling and radiate transition effects. These will assist you in creating the best and most interesting presentations that will impress your audience. However, you must have DirectX 9c or higher installed on your computer, as well as the Windows Media Player 10 or higher for this new feature to work.

2. Video Input Support

You can now use video clips along with your still photos to spice up your presentations. The program now allows you to import video clips easily and smoothly into the project. It is compatible with most commonly used video files.

3. Editing Capabilities

You can now do more enhanced editing, such as setting the starting and ending point in the clips by dragging the program slide to where you want them to start and end. You can also add animated special effects, such as panning or zooming. You can add different color tones to the video.

4. Aspect Ratio Preview Options

There have also been improvements to the aspect ratio preview options. You can now choose between either a 4:3 ratio or a ratio of 16:9. This way, you can use the format that makes the video look the best when it is played.