4 Key Features of WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper

The WinX DVD to iPhone ripper is a piece of software which is used to convert DVD videos into a format which is suitable for playback on an iPhone. The software will also support many other devices which support the same video formats. This software is one of the quickest and easiest ways of converting DVD videos to play on your iPhone.

1. Compression

As well as just ripping the video, WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper will also compress the video. This means that the resolution can be adjusted so that it fits perfectly on the screen without wasting any space. By using this software it should be possible to create small video files which do not take up too much space on your iPhone.

2. Bypassing Locks

Most DVDs will have copy protection and region locks on them. This software makes it possible to bypass all these locks so that it is possible to copy any DVD to your iPhone even it if is a film you brought from a store.

3. Easy

DVD to iPhone ripper is very easy to use. This works in a wizard method which means you simply need to follow the instructions and click the buttons. By doing this you can convert the videos and then transfer them to your computer.

4. High Quality Video

The video created by this ripper software is very high quality. Because of the smaller size of an iPhone screen, the resolution can be reduced without damaging the video. The quality of the video is very high considering the small size of the files.