4 Key Features of TMPGEnc Karma Plus

TMPGEnc Karma Plus is a computer software program that you can use to manage all of your video files. Using this program, you can search for files, play your files, classify files or compare your files. This is a great file management software system for your computer. Here are some of its key features.

1. System Tray Ionization

TMPGEnc can be placed right in the computer’s system tray for easy and fast access at all times. This way, it creates registered thumbnails of your video files as it works in the background, thus giving you fast and easy access to quickly reload any video file on your computer and play it with little to no wait time.

2. Decoder

Through the use of the included decoder, the program can perform in an optimized fashion and give you the best possible audio and video playback without using GPL.

3. File Reader

TMPGEnc puts its proprietary file reader into your files, which lets it playback in the file system that Google uses online to play videos without the need of an additional decoding system. All of these functions are available because the program has its own independent file reader to do the work.

4. Drag and Drop File Management

The program is simple and easy to use with features designed to make things easy for you. With TMPGEnc Karma Plus, you get the simplicity of drag and drop file management options.