4 Key Features of Aiseesoft DPG Converter

The Aiseesoft DPG Converter is a new program that requires special virtual memory and is not compatible with hardware with less than 512 megabytes. However, this software is useful to professionals. Below you will find a list of the DPG Converter’s key features:

1. Adjustment

DPG Converter can correct output video volume, contrast, brightness and saturation. Each of these adjustment features help users convert interlaced videos to progressive videos in order to bypass mosaic. Within the video, DPG Converter permits users to view effects of the original file and the converted file at the same time while adjusting.

2. Time Selection

With DPG Converter, users can make use of trim functions to obtain the desired clip length by easily establishing the start and the end time within the source file. Users can obtain the same result by dragging the slider bar.  

3. Compression

This feature is useful for people who wish to select several files and gather them in a single output file.

4. User Friendly

The Aiseesoft DPG Converter has an easy to use interface and operations can be made with minimum effort. This is efficient when taking into consideration the necessity of saving time and energy.