4 Great Features of EasyDVD

EasyDVD is a software program used to help you create your own DVD movies. Here are some of the features of the program.

1. Creates Movies with More than One Title

EasyDVD makes it possible to do things like merge two movies together into one movie with one title. Also, if you have a double-sided DVD, you can make a movie so you don’t have to flip it over to play it, thus having two titles on one DVD.

2. Converts Mpeg Files

The EasyDVD program can turn your Mpeg files into a file that DVDs can use by re-rendering it accurately, without losing any quality. The new file will play perfectly.

3. Lets You Redo Scenes

EasyDVD lets you take out unwanted scenes and redo the DVD the way you want and recreate it without messing up the quality of the original video. It lets you cut out a single frame or several frames, and then re-encodes it perfectly so you cannot even tell it was done.

4. Makes Interactive DVD Menus

The program lets you create your own easy-to-operate interactive DVD menus for your movie files. This is a great advantage if you have a large database for a number of files to be stored in the DVD.

EasyDVD is a great DVD authoring program that is easy to use and works well with several formats.