4 Great Features of BlazeDVD

BlazeDVD is software that can be used as a DVD,VCD and SVCD player. It supports most of the other media formats as well and has many other features that make it worth a try. Here are some of the features of this software.

1. Multiple Usage

As previously mentioned, BlazeDVD has many uses; it can be used as a DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVDRW, VCD and SVCD player. It also supports many video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, M1V, WMV, ASF, ASX and many more. Apart from all these, it is a HD video player and supports high resolution images and videos.

2. Bookmark

It has an auto resume feature that allows you to view the movie or DVD, from where you previously stopped. So, if you last viewed half a movie, the auto-resume feature takes you directly to where you left it last. You can either play the movies from the beginning or from the last viewed portion of the movie.

3. Audio Recording and Converting

You can record a DVD movie in a MP3 or an MPEG2 audio or video file respectively. You can also record any part of the movie and save it on your portable device or a hard drive. You can convert a video file into other formats of your choice by using the right click option. These converted files can then be played on all major players like the iPod, iPhone and others.

4. PIP and Dolby features

PIP, or Picture in Picture, is a feature that allows you to watch two movies at the same time if you want to experiment. The Dolby feature provides your player with a surround sound technology that is known for great audio.