4 Benefits of SecurDisc

SecurDisc is an additional program that you can purchase to work in conjunction with Nero. By purchasing and installing SecurDisc, the program will integrate itself with any Nero Burning program. SecurDisc is designed to integrate top of the line data protection on all CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays that you burn with Nero. Here are 4 benefits of SecurDisk:

1. Data Reliaibity

Without SecurDisc, if you come across a damaged disc, it is likely that you would not be able to recover the data that is burned onto that disc. By purchasing SecurDisc, your chances of recovering data from damaged discs are significantly increased. SecurDisc is even capable of recovering data from old discs and discs that have scratches. Depending on what you are burning, you are probably not using all of the space that is available on the disc. SecurDisc will use the remaining space to store multiple versions of your data so that it can be recovered in the event that your disc suffers damage.

2. Password Protection

If you are burning important or protected data onto a disc, you should apply a password to the disc that enables users to access the data. Doing that is not possible without SecurDisc. In addition to needing a password to access protected information, SecurDisc will burn your disc with AES-128 encryption. AES-128 encryption is so strong that it is used by the United States government. If you apply a password to the data on your disc, that data can only be accessed when the correct password is entered into the SecurDisc Viewer.

3. Deterioration Protection

Discs do not last forever. SecurDisc includes a feature called Data Integrity Check. The Data Integrity Check feature that is included with SecurDisc will alert you if your data is at risk of deteriorating every time you load that disc into your computer. If you find out that your disc is in danger of deteriorating, you will have time to back up that data elsewhere. SecurDisc has a built-in check algorithm that is capable of detecting errors on discs. Unless you turn it off, Data Integrity Check will always be enabled and it will run on every disc that you insert into the CD drive in your computer.

4. Digital Signature

When you are dealing with important or protected data, it is important that the person loading the disc knows that the data is from you and that the data has not been altered in any way, shape or form. SecurDisc allows you to apply a digital signature to any disc that is burned in Nero. The digital signature that SecurDisc creates will be encrypted onto the burned disc. You will then be able to distribute your digital signature to those that will be using the disc(s) so that they can verify the authenticity of the disc.