3D Arsenal: Utilizing Ammo Packs

3D Arsenal provides the easiest way to create 3D animation effects when it comes to video editing. Not only does it have a user-friendly easy-to-use interface, but it also offers pack services ideal for every user’s needs. With the help of pack services, video effects are easy to create and apply on your video footage.

Step 1: Using Template Library

When it comes to 3D Arsenal, the best thing about this software is that it provides template libraries to its users. You can choose from a variety of templates as a basis when building a 3D animation. This feature simplifies video customization processes such as animation, graphics and backgrounds. You simply export the video footage and use the template as a starting point in applying the desired editing, compositing and graphic options. The template library contains pre-built animation templates known as Ammo Packs. Ammo Packs vary on themes such as Hi-Tech, Education, Sports and Weddings.

Step 2: 3D Sports Pack

The most common feature used from Ammo Packs is the 3D Sports Pack. The logo animations include custom animations for each sport, from baseball to basketball, and logo showcases in stadium and arena settings. You can customize pictures of the players and the whole team by adding customized logos and text and visual effects such as wall of fame, spinning and rotating images, and even players’ hierarchy effects. 

You can add custom 3D animations on objects and create virtual backgrounds for an impressive look. Add bumpers, transitions, titles and other 3D animation effects to different types of sport projects. You can add burn and make the famous burning object effect, or add flare and create glowing spot effects.

Step 3: Using WEAP

WEAP comes from Wedding/Event Ammo Pack which you can use along with your 3D Arsenal software. The package includes various LightWave mapping scenes, objects, images, frames and other features suitable for creating fantastic videos for events, education and weddings. You can now create virtual albums and scrapbooks and add custom text effects and logos to each page. It also allows you to create fun 3D effects combined in the same video footage.

You can add a variety of special effects using the Wedding/Event Ammo Pack combined with 3D Arsenal. Choose from a number of animations such as scrolling down the page album and turning still images into video playing parts. You can zoom in and zoom out of the videos and images and rotate the whole album or just parts of it. 3D Arsenal allows you to add 3D animated frames to your photographs and transform them into video playing sequences inside the photo frame. You can also add slow motion effects and make magazine pages and covers come to life.

3D Arsenal software combined with the Ammo Packs allows you to create beautiful memories as well as virtual album effects so you can customize every event.