3D Arsenal: Combining Video and 3D Graphics

3D Arsenal is specially designed software which allows you to add 3D effects to your video footage. It is the easiest way to combine video and 3D graphics to achieve professional results in no time.

Step1: Using the Program with Other Video Editor Software

You can use this high-quality video editor and combine it with other software such as SpeedEDIT, VT, 3Play, LightWave 3D and more. The software is compatible with most application plug-ins, and it will provide better results. It also has a user-friendly interface which will allow both professionals and beginners to achieve fantastic video effects.

Step 2: Add Special Effects to VT Projects

3D Arsenal allows you to add special effects on your VT projects such as Video FX and 3D Composites. Use SpeedEDIT’s special features to add custom Logo effects on your video, to edit backgrounds, and integrate motion objects into virtually designed backgrounds. 3D Arsenal offers its users the possibility to open 4 windows at the same time.

Use the Preview window to view your work, and the DSK window to add downstream effects, speed and fade effects. The DDR window allows you to add custom editing and file manipulation, while the Program Out window shows you text, logo and other 3D animation effects.

Step 3: Live Video Editing

As stated above, the DSK is used to add downstream effects. This way you can add 3D graphics on your video footage. Whenever creating graphics, you can use various formats by using the Rendering button in the dropdown menu. This allows you to create 3D spinning and rotating effects. Users can add a various number of videos on a graphic platform and assemble them into one single animation. The Surface Editor allows you to edit each video. Inside, you will find each video number along with basic or advanced editing options. You can also select a video number and load the desired video. After loading your videos, you can edit each one or add global effects.

Step 4: 3D Animation

3D Arsenal also offers to its users a variety of mapping scenes that can be used in 3D animations according to the desired effects the user wishes to add. Animation also involves special logo effects that can be added to your video footage. You can use the Creation Tools such as Easy Text to create logo text effects. Use premade modelers and fonts to animate the text. Also combine 32 Targa sequences from video footage with rendering effects and create 3D object spinning effects inside your video.

All you need to do is key your video and save it as a 32TGA sequence and use special video editors to add animation and 3D graphics effects. The best thing about 3D Arsenal is that every scene is customizable and can be modified by changing the background color, the lights and the objects.

3D Arsenal software allows users to easily add various 3D effects on video footages, and it is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems.