3 Useful Rotoscoping Software Programs

Rotoscoping software produces software that deals with motion graphics. Rotoscoping works together with chroma keying. These two things are still vitally important today. Below are some useful rotoscoping software programs.

1. Silhouette FX

This program is a stand-alone program that uses the rotospline tool. It can work alone or as a plug in to other applications. This tool offers a layering palette with several splines.

2. Imagineer’s Mocha

This software is equipped with spline tools to help control and manipulate created masks. This helps to minimize too many key frames for the animations, but mocha does not have the ability to copy any key frames which is considered one of its weakest points.

3. Adobe After Effects

This program is designed to have the ability to import Photoshop as a mask. It will let you duplicate natural motion by taking control of certain transitions. This program will not allow you to view any kind of mattes directly.

As you can see, these programs are very technical in what they were made for. If you really want to learn how to make an animated movie or any kind of motion film, these would be some good programs to learn how to use and incorporate together.