3 Tips for Maya 3D Animation

Maya is a well-known and professional 3D animation application which is made by Auto Desk. Like many other 3D applications using this can be very complicated. This is simply because you have so many things to remember and so many different pieces of media to work with. Throughout this article we're going to look at some simple tips which can be used to organize your Maya project and get the most out of your efforts.

Maya is capable of producing high quality professional 3D animations. This is something that requires a lot of work though. These tips will help to make it as easy as possible to create these animations.

Tip 1: Getting to Know the Interface

Maya is a very powerful application designed by Auto Desk. This makes 3D design much easier than it normally is. However, because of the complexities with 3D design using the interface can still be a little confusing. Rather than trying to run before you can walk you should take your time to get to know the interface.

Try the built in tutorial which will teach you about the interface and actually read through the manual. This will make it much easier to complete projects quickly and easily.

You can also try some of the sample tutorials on the internet which show you how to perform a variety of different tasks. Performing some of these will make you feel much more confident about your abilities.

Tip 2: Organization

When using Maya you will often have to work with huge amounts of different images and documents. To keep these in order you will need to set up a project file tree. It's possible to divide the tree into different folders so that you can keep everything you need organized correctly.

Tip 3: Resetting Maya

Maya has a number of customizable settings which can make it very easy to use. There are, however, plenty of problems which you can encounter should you change something you didn't mean to. It's actually very easy to restore and reset Maya to its default settings.

To reset tools click on Display, UI elements, Tool settings. Then you can click the reset tool button.

To restore everything to defaults then you should click start, run and type "C:\Documents and Settings\your username\my documents\Maya\your version\prefs" where your username = your windows username and your version = the version of Maya you are using.

Create a new folder and copy all of the files out of the prefs folder into here. This is in case you ever want to get the settings back. When you load Maya next time it will regenerate default preference files.

Tip 4: Optimizing Speed

Maya is a speedy app; however, there are certain things that you can do to make it work even faster. By upgrading the ram in your computer or fitting a faster processor you will be able to make the application work much faster.

Maya is a very useful app. Hopefully these tips will help you to get much more out of the application and enjoy using it even more.