3 Tips for a Rotoscope Animation Artist

Many have tried their hand at being an animation artist, but are not skilled in drawing. They would use rotoscoping which is the process of creating animation graphics using real life video clips. However, before beginning consider these tips to know if you have it in you to be a rotoscope animation artist.

1. Space

When taking video shots of your subjects for your animation project, you must have a proper amount of space for the subject to act and move around. It doesn’t have to be too big as it would be hard for you shoot that whole area. Also, be sure that your space is private enough for you to shoot.

2. Materials

You may need to have a white wall so get ready with a little flat wall paint. White cloth will then be attached to the wall and allowed to flow down to the floor. You will also need several washout and spot lights positioned to remove shadows and shades from your subject during shooting. Don’t forget your video camera and your camera tripod as well.

3. Study Guides

There are a number of study guides and video coaching on rotoscoping online and they are free and quite easy to follow. Take note of what they do and if you feel you can manage them, then have at it.