3 Scenarist Blu Ray Disc Emulation Features

Scenarist is a professional Blu-ray production program that is loaded with emulation features. Emulation features that come standard with Scenarist include Scenarist QC, parameter and event logging, and BD-J debugging. Scenarist is made by Roxio and is available in their Sonic Professional Products series.

1. Scenarist QC

In the past, you have probably had to burn your Blu-ray discs and DVDs to BD-R so that you could test them before burning them. Thanks to Scenarist QC, you no longer have to do that. Scenarist QC allows you to preview and debug the titles that you created in Scenarist directly from your hard drive. This will save both Blu-ray disc authors and BD-J programmers a ton of time and money.

2. Parameter and Event Logging

When you create Blu-ray discs in Scenarist, Scenarist automatically creates a color-coded log file. This easy to read file allows you to use Scenarist QC to debug your Blu-ray titles. The color-coded log that Scenarist creates allows you to track and view GPRs, user operations, key events, NaviCmds, JVM and HDMV playback information, and much more. It is not unusual for debug messages to be created that you don't need to read, so Scenarist allows you to filter the debug messages so that only pertinent information is displayed.

3. BD-J Debugging

Scenarist QC comes standard with a Java Virtual Machine that is capable of debugging Blu-ray titles. The Java Virtual Machine, or JVM for short, permits you to perform BD-J debugging from any BD-J compatible Java Integrated Development Environments. Examples of BD-J compatible Java IDE's include NetBeans and Eclipse. To make the BD-J debugging and testing process easier for you, Scenarist allows you to create source code watches and breakpoints.