3 Reasons to Use Eyeon Digital Fusion for Rotoscoping

Eyeon Digital Fusion is capable of making rotoscoping a much easier task, thanks to its many useful programs and built-in applications. Due to its 2D and 3D capabilities, Eyeon Digital Fusion can help artists with their creations of accurate, dynamic and detailed imagery. Here are a few more reasons to choose Eyeon Digital Fusion for rotoscoping.

1. Three-Dimensional Models

With its 3D node capabilities, the program can create both three-dimensional environments and objects. If the artist also wants to add lighting and shadows to her model, there are many applications to help create lifelike and natural images with the program's advanced and intelligent 3D particle systems.

2. Fusion Tools

The Eyeon Digital Fusion is capable of smoothing and softening the edges of a converted model. This allows for professionally designed work that is above the quality of simple animation and rotoscoping. Converting two-dimensional images into 3D is much easier with this software’s ingenious use of the double polyline method.

3. Rotoscoping Tools

As the frame-by-frame tedium of rotoscoping is what takes the longest amount of time, the smoothened contours of the edited model remove the necessity of polishing up the edges before rendering the image. This cuts down on the many hours required for creating animation strips.