3 Key Features of Xilisoft DVD Ripper

Xilisoft DVD Ripper is a program that you use to change DVD file formats into formats that you can play on other types of digital and multimedia players. This means that if you wanted to play a DVD movie on your iPhone, you can use this program to turn the file into one the iPhone can use. Here are the key features of the program.

1. Coverts Still Photos and Video Files

You can also use this Xilisoft DVD ripper to convert still photos into a video. You can do other things to your video such as add subtitles, watermarks, chapters, and create special effects such as make the movie look like an old black and white silent film.

2. Supports Multiple Digital Devices

The program supports most type of iPods, Apple TV, Apple iPad, PSP, PS3 and MP4 players. It also supports Windows Mobile devices, Google devices, Samsung devices, Dell Venue, and many more kinds of digital electronic products.

3. Features Several Editing Tools

Xilisoft DVD Ripper has a selection of editing tools that allow users to do things like extract a video clip from a movie, split that clip into several portions, and then merge them into a different clip. It can also be used to crop a single video frame, change the effects of the images, and add watermarks, subtitles or sound files to your product..